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Mie Model Forest Workshop(March 1999) -Working Group 1 Report

The photo album of International Workshop on Model Forests for Field-Level Application of Sustainable Forest Management, 2nd Meeting-Mie,Japan,23-27 March, 1999 (Photo by Fusho Ozawa)


The mutual communication is important.

Mt.Fuji in winter from Gotenba (Japan )

                                              Canadian Rocky and lodgepole-pine (Canada)


Pacific Rim National Park (Canada)

Rain forest of Pacific Rim National Park

Clayoquot Sound Area

on Vancouver Island(Canada)

Long boat tour in Sarawaku (Malaysia) 
                                                  Tropical Rain Forest of Sarawaku (Malaysia) 

Photo by F.OZAWA

Case studaies for Sustainable Forest Management include the presentation by Dr. Fusho OZAWA

Group discussion at Kouchi Workshop,1996, photo by Mr. Shibata.

The Establishment of Sustainable Management of Forests by Dr. Fusho OZAWA

Speech by F.OZAWA at UNCED,in 1992.

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